Positioning Roll Choice

When you are introducing your client to a new piece of equipment it is usually advisable to do this gradually. The “new shoes” approach of a little and often is a good regime to adopt.

Advice On Choosing Your Product

  1. Have you taken professional advice?
  2. Have you got the correct size aid?
  3. Is there enough knee extension for the knee to rest on the aid?
  4. How often and where is the positioning aid to be used?
  5. Are there any known allergies or intolerance of any of the materials used in the positioning aid?

Correct Use Of Products

Our products are designed for use with people who have little or no ability to change position by themselves. Correct use will help in the prevention of contractures, deformity and pressure ulcers and in the control of spasticity. They are comfortable to use in most cases and may relieve associated back pain.

The rolls are essentially a static means of control and may not be appropriate when used with restless individuals.

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