Knee & Leg Positioning Supports

The latest addition to our range of posture control products has been developed as a result of users’ feedback. We recommend that the lay person seeks appropriate medical guidance for selection and use.

Design Features

The design provides a more gentle form of support for the lower limbs in supine lying for those people who are unable to use or tolerate our other products of postural control equipment.


From £66.86
Exc VAT, depending on size.


Notes On Use

This product requires significant knee extension for the legs to rest on the support.

Softer Surface

This support is only available in waterproof Titex. As this is not an intricate shape, a towel can be used if a softer surface is required.

Extra Cushion Pads

Roll or fold a small towel to use where additional pads or cushions are required.


Knee Supports with Dimensions