Expected Lifetime of Product Information

How often should you replace your equipment?

We provide postural control products that continue to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers.  We achieve this by adhering to effective manufacturing processes developed from years of experience and our ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.  Every item is thoroughly quality checked during assembly and again at dispatch.

Depending on the individual, durability of the product will vary.   Contributing factors that would increase noticeable wear and tear to the product include, but are not limited to – spasms and hard impact or constant, convulsive movements relating to muscular contractions or when used in a more challenging environment.  In these cases we would expect and recommend the products are replaced every 12 months.  Those users who remain in a static or in a less active position may expect to see less wear of the product.  For these reasons we recommend regular checking of the product for wear and tear is carried out.

Care should also be taken to follow the C&S Seating Instructions (see links) to ensure the products are maintained according to instructions.  The covers should be removed and sanitised immediately and replaced regularly for those that require support with continence, perspiration or any other excessive body fluids.   Replacement covers can be ordered, and care should be taken when putting them on (see note of instructions).  Our products should always be used with the correct cover.

We strongly advise seeking guidance from a healthcare professional to ensure the product is assessed suitable to the individual needs and the use is regularly monitored.