Inflatable T-Rolls

When travelling or away from home or possibly as an Aqua Therapy aid our inflatable T Roll is the ideal solution to providing the postural control required.

Designed for short term use only!

For long term use please choose from our range designed for this purpose.

Inflatable T Rolls

£25.00 each
Exc VAT, including pump.

£40.00 for two
Exc VAT, including two pumps.

Inflatable T-Roll

Design Features

The roll seams are heat-welded for strength and air tightness. This roll is made of durable and hard-wearing material. But in case of accidental damage from a sharp object, a puncture repair kit is supplied.

The material has been tested to EU and UK flammability standards BS EN ISO 12952 parts 1-4. The test demonstrates that the burning characteristics meet the requirements for smouldering cigarette and small open flame, such as a match.

The Pump

The pump is light weight and can be used either by hand or foot. The pump is very compact and compresses to a small size for travelling.

Using Coverings

If a Softknit cover is used with the standard T Roll, then providing the size is similar to the Inflatable Roll, it can be used with the Inflatable Roll to provide the same soft texture and feel for comfort.

Aqua Therapy Aid  important

This product has not been designed specifically as an aqua therapy aid, however some therapists have found our Inflatable T‑rolls useful for stabilising position in the water, and for pre/post therapy.

  • We recommend that a full risk assessment is undertaken before using our Inflatable T‑Rolls as aqua therapy aids.
  • Our Inflatable T‑Rolls are not buoyancy or lifesaving aids and should not be used as such. Appropriate safety equipment should always be used alongside our Inflatable T‑Rolls.
  • Never leave a child or vulnerable person alone in the water when using an inflatable T‑Roll. Full supervision is required at all times.
  • Our Inflatable T‑Rolls are not toys and should never be used for recreational use such as busy public swimming pools, wave machines, flumes or inflatable fun etc.


Ensure the Inflatable T-Roll is completely dry before folding away and storing. This will reduce the risk of weak areas and stress splits to the seams.


Inflatable T-Roll Dimensions